• Josephs Dreams Mentoring Program   ( 0 Articles )
      A mentoring program with the goal to incite change in African American men by enhancing their understanding of financial literacy and equipping them with the tools to better position themselves economically through education and entrepreneurship.  

      The program is design to encourage mentees pursue their dreams by tapping into their personal power sources, building their confidence and pursuing opportunities in higher education. 
  • Brother to Brother Program   ( 0 Articles )
     A holistic mentoring program that addresses the social, emotional and cultural needs of young men and adults. Mentors are trained role models for the youth within their communities. 

      Through Small Round table discussions our mentors forge relationships that positively impact our greatest resource, our children.  The program also focuses on building essential skills needed to become productive citizens. Workshops topics include positive identity, personal vision, essential life skills, work ethic, health and wellness, moral character, financial literacy, gang and prison awareness and violence prevention. 
  • Future Leaders Program   ( 0 Articles )
       Leadership development programs that stimulate and strengthen the character of young men and adults and train them to become critical and forward thinkers. 



      The goal of the program is to teach men the power and benefit of positive thinking, social, financial and personal responsibility, self-respect, the importance of educational achievement and cultural enrichment. The curriculum includes a series of sessions with volunteer mentors, tutors and presenters who share their knowledge and experience. Members of the program also engage in community service projects and serve as peer counselors.
  • Our Brothers Guardian   ( 0 Articles )
    A mentoring program with a goal is to substantially improve the chances of success for males from ten to 35 years of age that creates platforms of simulative programs that institute the ability to think critically,  as well as uplift and inspire black males to engage in higher education, job training, mentoring, outings, health/wellness, and time management.

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