Jonathan Ager

 Jonathan Ager

 Jonathan C. Ager is an entrepreneur, mentor, motivational speaker and community advocate who is passionate about the need to foster change in the lives of African American males.

  Ager has over thirty years of entrepreneurial experience and currently runs a family transportation business with his wife of thirty years and Joseph's Dreams Inc., a mentoring organization. Ager is a Real Estate Investor and has been in the mortgage business for over 10 years. He is also a member of the financial ministry of the Greater Allen Cathedral of New York. Ager is a conflict resolution consultant who works with inner city males, through suspension centers and at-risk schools throughout New York City. He is a registered vendor with the New York City Department of Education where he mentors students and teaches how to win the game of life successfully. 

  Through Ager’s mentoring organization, Joseph’s Dreams, he is determined to incite change in African American men by enhancing their understanding of financial literacy and equipping them with the tools to better position themselves economically through coaching, education and entrepreneurship. The program is designed to encourage mentees to pursue their dreams by tapping into their personal power sources, building their confidence and pursuing opportunities in higher education.

  Ager also founded the Brother-to-Brother mentoring program, a holistic program that addresses the social, emotional and cultural needs of young men and adults, and the Future Leaders program, a leadership development initiative that stimulates and strengthens the character of young men and adults, and trains them to become critical and forward thinkers. Ager is the creator of the Steve Grant Student Athlete Memorial Scholarship Award, which was named after a long-time friend and dedicated mentor. The grant is awarded to students who demonstrate excellence in sports and academics.

  Ager is the co-founder of the 1st Generation of Cambria Heights Organization, founder of the Aggressive Citizens of Queens County, a community advocate organization, co-founder of Our Brothers Guardian Inc., Ambassador of South Queens Young Democrats, a member of the Greater Allen Cathedral of New York's Men's Ministry, and has coached boys and girls AAU basketball for over 20 years. Ager attended New York City public schools as well as Devry Technical School and received his certification of Discipleship from the Greater Allen Cathedral Discipleship ministry.  

Ager is also involved with the following organizations:

Black Star Project

NYC Transit Workers for Children

El-RA Mentoring Group


Black Business Network

Roy Wilkins Father Initiative Program

Save South East Queens Initiative

Gun Violence Task Force


Our Brother’s Guardian

One Hundred Black Men

Ager is a devout Christian and currently lives in Queens, NY with Karen, his wife of 30 years, and has five children and eleven grandchildren.


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